Santa Marta

Of all the incredible culture, food, scenery, music, dancing, vibrancy, people, life and energy Colombia had to offer… one of the most memorable moments by far, was my exchange with this beautiful Venezuelan Couple and their 4 children, who fled their home and their country with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Ask me why I’ve spent my adult life traveling and I’ll answer “For clarifying moments like this…” moments when the whole world fades away and perspective is revealed. It is for the chance to spend 10 minutes holding a child or counting in English with their eager siblings or recognizing the parental instinct to give their children the best possible life they can, against all odds. It is for moments of sharing and caring with strangers, who may not have a place to call home but, with whom still deserve to feel loved, supported, seen and worthy… #travel #packyourbags #santamarta #colombia #santamarta

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