August Agita

Nature Obeys

I don’t quite know what it is about the eighth month of the year but, it’s becoming notorious for sudden changes, big shifts and dramatic transformations… I am feeling it and I am observing it in others.

Be you…

At a crossroads, struggling with being human, facing cancer or new realities, overcoming a career shift, coming to terms with major life changes, observing the vicious political atmosphere, trying to stay grounded, finding ways to cope with addiction or depression, understanding fears of commitment and self sabotage or just having a challenging start to this month… We are all feeling it and we are all in it together (let’s not forget that). When times get rough, let’s help each other make every attempt to replace “Fuck It” with a more passionate “Thank You!”


Dear August…

We are 18 days into you and you’ve once again proven to be an unsettling month- on many physical, emotional and spiritual levels. You are revealing tension and frustrations mixed with bursts of creativity and conviction. At this time, let us look toward the healing properties of writing to provide clarity. Let’s be wise enough to write it out, put it out and get it out- any way we can. Let us be brave enough to find ways to work through it ( solo and collectively) with as much grace as possible and let us be intuitive enough– to know that we are not alone in this…


 More gratitude.


Once we have accepted whatever it is that is going on, RIGHT NOW, we can say Thank You to it for what it is teaching us. Let us move away from this foreboding space we are holding and find the potential for positivity around each obstacle… somewhere between here and there. We can’t get “there” if we aren’t “here”, first. So let’s be OK with being here and know, it’s just for now.  Because, in the blink of an eye, one phone call, one realized truth or one epiphany … it can all change.

Perspective is everything.


Focusing on the greater good in all of this is key to moving us through this phase gracefully… There is no point in trying to make sense of it all- trying to determine or understand where it all leads while we sift through choices/changes and what it all means. Instead, let us…

 Consciously bridge the gap-

between the responsibilities of being a “grown up” &

 the inner child that begs us to… keep life fun!


Let us balance our wisdom with reality and combat ignorance with love. Remembering that good things are happening all around and within us right now… despite seemingly chaotic times.

These times are important for growth

(however uncomfortable they may be) –

They will set us free.


We are in a vulnerable place but, let’s appreciate that it will pass. There’s little point in over analyzing or trying to decipher between what is “right or wrong”.  Control is the greatest illusion and trying to “get it” is just delusional. The best thing we can do for ourselves to move forward is…

Keep Breathing & Trusting-

there really is a divine plan at work here.


It is hard to see the meaning in all of this… up close and personal.  It is especially hard to have faith in it when shit hits the fan (and it will) and an unfavorable stench prevails… But, one can hope that when it passes (and it will)

The clarity, purpose, direction & creativity –

that is so longing to make itself free (in us) will find its true expression…


And it will smell so sweet! So, the best thing we can do is to collectively stay strong, stay true to truth and knowing, stay smiling, stay put, stay optimistic, stay grateful, stay determined, stay open-hearted, stay open-minded, stay supportive and stay with it…

Knowing that wherever we find ourselves, right now, peace can be.


There is always more room for love, space for greater understanding, deeper compassion and connection to self on this path.

The importance of being here,

is in acknowledging the magnitude of being here.


In that knowledge we must redirect our focus into creative projects, find ways to give back and make a commitment to be of greater service. It is in our best interest to work on ourselves so that we can do good work in the world . We must learn how not to let our egos run away with our days and haunt our nights. We must not give away our power to insecurity and negativity — learning how not to let those things dominate our thoughts & make us feel powerless. We are far too wise to propel inner conflict anymore. Let there be security and confirmation in the pursuit of truth.

And, let truth reign!


Help us to help each other and ourselves more. Let us learn to affirm what matters most…


We are all creative forces & none of the trivial matters, matter.


It is all relative- the important thing is to be one with our evolving self and listen to our productive voice. Pessimism only makes living more uncomfortable. So, try working with that energy and move it with love to a place of acceptance. Surrender to it, stop fighting it and start listening harder to intuition.


Make the unknown your best friend.


Do not let it scare you away, you are brave and you are bold- so be it. Once that is realized, there is no excuse to live otherwise. So…

Stop playing small.

Put your big kid boots on and say: 

“I got this”, “YOU got this”, “WE got this” …


There is no more time for turning back, only turning in- reflecting, digesting and coming into closer contact with the divine (aka yourself). That is what we are here to do.

Note to Self: Live a great story…


Do not worry yourself with direction- you are already facing north- just continue to go! Overthink less, feel more. There is no more room for fear here, it no longer has a home where we stand strong. Give those fears away- replace them with confidence in yourself and in the journey- buckle up and let yourself feel it… all! Because, that is where the worth is and…

At the end of the month,

if nothing else,

at least we tried to turn “Fuck It”,

into a more passionate “Thank You!”

 Because, there’s always September… 😉


Live a great story

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