The Legend of Bodhi (The Coolest Cat in Town)

On September 6, 2018 I met a brand new human and on the very same day my cat Bodhi died.  He died suddenly, shockingly and, and… every other emotion that arises when a healthy, energetic, 2 year old cat just dies. Well, he did (from what we can only assume was a sudden heart attack) and this is my way of honoring the cycle of life.


In October 2016 a sign posted on a neighbors car read: “Don’t start your car, there’s a kitten trapped in here!” and that was the beginning of my love affair with an amazing black cat.

He was tiny but, he was mighty…


Baby Bodhi 8

It took an hour for my mom and I to rescue him from the engine of that car. I have rescued many animals but, this was one of the trickiest. I don’t look for them, they usually find me. Bodhi was different though and even before we retrieved him from the car, I cared for him. When I looked into his eyes I loved him but, made a decision that I didn’t need to keep him for myself. I left it up to my family to decide and they chose to keep him.

I was beyond open to welcoming a new furry loved one into our household…

We’ve had many cats and Bodhi was just one of the fucking coolest/dynamic cats ever. We all took easily to the task of tending to this tiny, beautiful, little creature. He was unpredictable, loving and very loud!

I’ve never had such a vocal cat but, this one– he spoke! And, he was speaking to us—


Bodhi was part cat, part dog, part human. He was mischievous, loving, rambunctious, social, playful, vocal and sometimes a total asshole.

That tiny but, mighty kitten turned into a bigger & even cooler KITTY CAT:


Avocado Bodhi


And, in the process of becoming all that he was, he found his favorite person in the world… my mother (who also happens to be my favorite person in the whole world). They were the best of friends and I grew to realize that they had found each other. Their relationship was a thing of beauty…


There is a silence in the air right now- a void where Bodhi once was and my grief is intricately linked with witnessing how challenging his sudden departure has affected my mom. We are very sensitive women. We care deeply and passionately for those who cross our paths.

 We cared for you then, we love you now and we’ll feel your spirit forever…



I don’t feel it necessary to pay much attention to asking the why’s or how’s of his rapid transition out of this world. He was here and that’s what matters to me. He was vibrant and his being will permeate this home and the hearts of the humans who loved him, for the short time we were granted- togetherness.

And, for however hard this is — the fact that one of my dearest friends gave birth to a healthy baby boy on the very same day of Bodhi’s departure— made it all the more special. The cycle of life continues and I am here– honoring it, observing it and feeling it fully. I embrace its magnitude in awe… humbly and gratefully.

One thought on “The Legend of Bodhi (The Coolest Cat in Town)”

  1. Hugs my dear sweet Gina! I’m so so sorry for the loss of your beloved family member, Bodhi. This was so well written. The cycle of life is always somethings to be celebrated bc it truly is a miracle and so awe inspiring. RIP Bodhi. Love you sister. Xo

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