gyp·sy /ˈjipsē/ a nomadic or free-spirited person.

Dear Reader, I can not predict the person I will be tomorrow – don’t expect me to try. I can hardly explain the person I am right now. And what fun would it be, to be, if being weren’t besought? All I can do is hold myself accountable. And my heart, in a perpetual state of hope. And for you, I hold space-unconditionally. Endlessly knowing that all that I am, is all that you are- And you and I together- are all that we could ever be in this moment.

We seek in others, what we seek to find in ourselves- something worth sharing. And whether we are aware of it, or asking to find out, the only answer worth remembering is Are we who we think we are? And, listen… we always have possibilities. To be or not… there are always so many opportunities.

Let us simply try to recognize each other, however we have chosen to show up here. And, maybe somewhere- in some unknown in between- we will find ourselves. And together we’ll ask: Have we gone far enough? And we’ll keep being curious until we understand that the only going to do is inward. For now, I am hopeful that we’ll realize our limitless potential. And, one day soon we will laugh & play – like children again. Until then, my friend… I’ll hold my breath until we remember it. With love in my heart, Gina

Full of Wander


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