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WHAT GIVES? A soliloquy on The Relevance of Genuine Human Connection or lack thereof…



I feel it and I see it everywhere… even in my own mirror. That is the root of this post.

We long to be: recognized, to be touched, to be seen, to be felt, to be heard- by others- in honest ways.

This desire to connect with other people, is a direct reflection of our desire to connect & fully know our own-self.

Before I begin writing, I must start by asking:

How the hell have we let ourselves get so preoccupied that we are too damn busy to find enough time and/or space to care for ourselves or the people we say we care about?

QUESTIONING MINDFULNESS: What are we filling our mind with?

How can we find countless hours in the day to eat, shower, shit, piss, post, blog, work, make money, do, and then to do more doing  — but, at the end of the day we just “don’t have the energy” for ourselves or for the people we say we love?

Are we merely stepping around the mess instead of picking up after ourselves? What could be more important than listening to our authentic selves in an attempt to nurture our inner calling? What could be more important than supporting our so-called loved ones through the positive and challenging times? I suppose the real question is: Do we dare see ourselves clearly, hear other people openly and accept the art of being alive? Or are we just too afraid to let the truth be heard?

Are we mentally preoccupied with the state of our lives? Are we consumed in finding out what everyone else is “doing” with theirs that we pay more attention to our devices, heads hung low, eyes fixated on a screen, and minds numbly disinterested in taking in the present moment? Have we reneged on our capacity to extend a listening ear to our own truths or share a friendly hug? Do we care to hear the response to “How are you?”

Learning to love ourselves, others and connecting with the root of that love- should be number one, two and three on our “To Do” list. They just aren’t. They aren’t our priority and unfortunately, because of this… we are starving. We are starved for true genuine human connection, a feeling of worthiness and a fullness in heart that brings us a sense of joy.


We maintain our car regularly because one day, it’ll just stop running.

Even if we didn’t grow up with a mechanic for a dad, we know this or we find out the hard way. We understand that if we don’t change our oil or just stop pumping gas because we are too busy… that car will no longer be on the road. And, sometimes it takes the same sort of startling thing, like ending up in the hospital and having a doctor reinforce what your body knew long before you heard:  “You’re weak and you haven’t been maintaining yourself properly”.  But, what if we took precautionary steps, like we do with our car or our physical body, to keep our hearts and minds sustainable and functioning at supreme levels?

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