A South African Dream


MY GOAL: One month stay in the town of Knysna, South Africa teaching Dance and Music in schools to disadvantaged children.. In April 2009 I created a fundraiser, in which 100 kids dedicated their performance to the organization Invisible Children. The $2,000 we raised was secondary to the life changing experience the kids who danced for this cause received.  It was from this moment on that I realized how I could expand the true potential of the Arts.  In 25 years I cannot remember a single thing I have been more determined or passionate about then making this trip to Kynsna a reality.

MY DREAM: To Inspire, Enrich, Educate and Spread love through the ARTS. It has never been about quantity, it has always been about quality. I have no doubt that the Arts changes LIVES but my mission has always been to affect one LIFE at a time.  I am aware that many of these children live in tragic circumstances, which makes the need for a mentor, role model, and teacher even more crucial. My life has never been simply about teaching dance.  It has ALWAYS been about empowering kids to love themselves and inspiring them to love each other. In my last 9 years of teaching, I have been a witness to the way music and dance changes lives.

THE ART: Allows the voiceless children of the world the chance to be heard. I am determined to spread a non -violent approach to self -expression and prompt children to live a life of LOVE. In my adult life I have been an advocate for peaceful awareness and personal growth through self- understanding and development. It is through the encouragement of creative expression that children, who were never properly loved, get a chance to Feel. I am certain that if we start paying better attention to the lives of our youth, the world will reap the benefits in so many profound ways.

YOUR SUPPORT: Will Change Lives. Your donation will give me the opportunity to share my gift with children who may not otherwise ever get the chance to experience the power of song and dance. It is through your generosity that I will move one step closer to reaching these children and making a difference in their lives.