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Confessions of an International Volunteer

A decade later and I’m still longing for Bali like a lover I can’t shake off…

It’s been 4 years since I last shared anything on this platform and an experience 10 years ago is bringing me back to my blog. Go figure, What is time anyways? I’m excited to start sharing again. And so it goes…

This calling is like an active volcano that erupts spontaneously. It is the unscratchable itch in my subconscious, begging me to reunite with what I discovered about myself in the sacred solitude of this mystical place. She was part wild, part free- grounded in purpose, empowered by acts of high service, rooted in unabashed self exploration, and emboldened by cultural & spiritual curiosities.

It has been a gradual awakening and over the years, remembering this version of myself has become my true North Star. It has been an instrument for deciphering my truths. Parts of her slip my mind at times but only momentarily because, she’s never been far enough out of reach to forget. 10 years ago I couldn’t have known how this moment would shape me nor do I know when I will return… I just know I will.

So for now, I close my eyes to jog my memory knowing that whenever the time is ripe, I will be ready— to go back to this sacred place, to welcome its transformative ways, people, sounds, scents, and magnetism. And when I do, I will be prepared to greet the newest version of myself with an open heart. 

📸 Glimpses from my time spent volunteering from ’11-’12 with the incomparable Agung Bali Children’s Foundation which continues providing free English-language instruction for children in rural Balinese villages.

On top of the time I spent working at the schools (and exploring this incredible island) I was grateful for the opportunity to offer free dance classes to the kids & live at two incredible villas (@villaagungkhalia & @agung_maia_2020) whose staff of locals took care of me like family. My experience was made possible by the power duo of GCC professors who run it all with so much care @travelprofgcc (Darren & Laura) for whom I am forever indebted.