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“Whoopsie Daisy!” The Fragile, Introspective, Story of China Girl

Some, if not most, stories are direct reflections of an authors state of mind. Some of these stories are fabricated half truths buried amidst a semi-real version of projection and reflection. While other times, they are just pure make-believe. Some characters are formulated in a mind melding way, combining parts within the writer or within others, to create another form- or being- all together. Sometimes I know the woman I am writing about. In fact, more often than not… she resembles me. But, at other times, I know not of the source. She may or may not have been me. And, so here goes the story of a china girl, named Daisy…


Chapter 1:WHOOPSIE (introverted) DAISY

There is no way Daisy use to be this hesitant… She could still remember a time when being surrounded by people felt normal. It felt so ultra human that she didn’t even really think about it.  Daisy went about it like she would brushing her hair, teeth or sleeping with the guy from high school, that never wanted her in high school, but paid her the attention she so craved 5 years later- Daisy ate it up. Talking to people was a thing she did, and well!  It seemed comfortable, relaxed, natural. She wanted to be talked to and so longed to feel, what this thing “friendship” was about… So, she filled her world with people, and more people (Ironic how differently one feels with a bit of experience and how utterly twisted it all seemed now). On this particular day, Daisy’s only friends were the french bulldog she was “sitting” and a pack of American Spirits (the yellow ones). “Go me”, she thought. I guess on the surface she was doing a pretty good job of make-believe. In fact, I’d say it’s the thing Daisy mastered most skillfully. The art of Acting. But, mostly she wasn’t getting a paycheck at the end of her work day, she was just doing it to get by. And what a fucked up reality that was for her, right now. – But, wait! There’s more…>