Recognize your Temple

Conscious Stream of Consciousness

I need to feel the world living around me
I crave the taste of life,
breathing through my lips.
Movement, Motion-
effortless yet consistent.
Rhythm moves me- guiding me
to follow it nowhere.
Nowhere- a place that doesn’t exist.
Here, There, Everywhere- NowHere.
I seek to find that place in a familiar way
Leading myself to that mind twisted reality
approaching sanity-
losing, loosening, tightening reality.
Insanity- the bridge between genius
And Balance.
Living: extremely and deprived.
Like the dogs- fetching, starving, living,
Barely. Coping-
is not an outlet. It Is
a means by which my being does Not end.
No One should settle.
What is “settling” ?
Who thought it an appropriate definition for:
accomplishment, prideful being?
thriving is not embracing.
waking up does not mean living.
emotions do not entail feeling-
The ground exists but, is it realized?
By the mindless stranger who tramps on it,
The life we lead is forever unknown. But,
We Fear-
to accept the truth,
As if,
As if-
As if…
We are the mind-maker-uppers,
the judges of the magical scheme of our lives-
While Falling Deeper
into the pit of self conscious Behavior-
We Cannot-
Be Free.
unless- we recognize the UnKnowingness of
That is, was, consists of the matter by which,
We Exist.
The truth remains everlasting in its trueness
The sounds of earth- constant reminders to Listen
Yet, we mute the cries of the Universe-
Begging, Pleading, Coaxing
A Part of the apartness
we bury inside.
Embrace the unique similarities that built
US as contrastingly Equal in entity-
in desire- in twofold images of-
each other.
We Are
the They’s that persist in our heads.
WE Are
the Could Nots, Can Nots, that echo Should Not.
But, Shall we overcome the Demons we recognize
as self-
We Will
manifest our lives into the
Haves, Cans, and the Dids.
Be Alive-
It’s your only option.

“6.” Bishop. 09.10.11