Bali 2011

I have recently been given the opportunity to travel to Bali and volunteer teaching children of a small rural village through the Robin Carlson Children’s Language Program. Upon my recent return from a 2 month volunteer teaching experience in South Africa I am more eager than ever to continue my volunteerism. I fully intend to bring my knowledge of the arts, and my experience as a dance instructor with me, as I delve into the uniquely diversified culture of this world. I am currently working and going to school full time but plan to spend the next five months putting my energy towards fundraising for this unique opportunity. I am very aware of the economic difficulties that face many people at this time but am optimistic that through word of mouth, and the desire to continue making a difference, this trip will become a reality.
This 2011 program has been offered to only a few students and, through the leadership of world traveling Professor of Geography Darren Leaver, will act as the first student/teacher volunteer group working with two specific schools in the area. During my stay I will be given the chance to help establish and formulate new program curriculum for two English-Language schools in the villages of Bugbug, near Candidasa and Pejeng village, near Ubud. The volunteers will be involved in creating in-class modules for the on location Balinese teachers, interacting with the students through conversational English, and assisting wherever need be. This program has recently been named after Robin Carlson, a student in Glendale College’s 2000 study abroad program to Bali, who passed away on January 2, 2011 after a long battle with cancer. Although this newly developed trip is not officially connected to the campus and there are no course credits offered, it is connected to the Glendale Community College Foundation. It has been provided as an opportunity for students to participate in a life changing volunteer experience through immersion in the Balinese culture.
I will be flying to the Ubud, the cultural heart of Bali, on July 23, 2011 where I will spend 8 nights and work with children ages 8-13 at the Pejeng School. I will then travel to a school in Candidasa for another 8 day teaching/learning experience and return back to Ubud for the remainder of my trip. This will give me (and the other volunteers) an opportunity to develop new teaching methods and gain a deeper understanding of how the children respond to specified lessons. It is vital that these children interact with english speaking volunteers as they begin to delve into the complexities of our language. English is the second language for the Balinese teachers that are instructing them therefore, the one on one contact will be instrumental in advancing their understanding. The trip is intended to be one month long and in completion will provide a model for future groups of professor lead student volunteer trips.

Location: Indonesia: Denpasar, Ubud
Term: Summer
Dates: July 23, 2011- August 21, 2011
Program Cost: $3100 US Dollars
The program price includes round trip air, accommodations in tourist hotels based on double occupancy, breakfasts, 8 dinners and 7 lunches, and all transfers and transportation to included sites and tours. 
Price does not include Indonesian Visa (25 USD), departure tax (~16 USD) and other airline taxes.
Join Glendale Community College for an exciting adventure to the spiritual island of Bali, Indonesia. We offer students a chance to learn about the children, religion, culture and language of Bali by offering three college transfer level classes, Geography, Humanities and Philosophy. 
Our instructors are led by Darren Leaver who has traveled to Bali numerous times. His knowledge and personal relationships with the Balinese will allow for a unique learning experience that is more than a tourist would encounter. 
We hope that you can join us!
Along with working at the schools the volunteers will get the chance to visit many of the temples and sites on Bali and possibly even participate in a Balinese cremation. We will feed the monkeys in the Monkey Forest, take a morning sail with dolphins, watch traditional Balinese dance performances, including the famous Kecak dance, and view a shadow puppet show.

Subject Areas:
Religious Studies

California Colleges For International Education’s Mission Statement:
California Colleges for International Education is a consortium dedicated to the ideal of increasing international understanding through education and collaboration. It supports the growth of programs affiliated with international education such as Faculty Exchanges, International Business, International Development/ Contract Education, International Students, Internationalizing the Curriculum, and Study Abroad.

How You Can Make a Difference:
Contributions toward this cause can be made directly on this website through paypal or through those made to the Robin Carlson Memorial Endowment Fund.

The Robin Carlson Memorial Endowment Fund:
The Robin Carlson Memorial Endowment Fund has now been established with the Glendale College Foundation. The fund will be used to support instruction and materials at the Robin Carlson Children’s Language Program in Bugbug Village, Bali. This fund honors the spirit of Glendale Community College alumnus Robin Carlson and her commitment to the people of Bali. With your contributions, the project will be sustainable. In fact, it looks like we’ll be able to start a second program in Pejeng Village in central Bali as soon as February.I am deeply appreciative for any assistance that can be made toward this cause. All donations will go directly towards supporting and honoring the work of Robin Carlson and all future students who will get the opportunity to pursue volunteer work through charitable contributions from this foundation. Anyone wishing to donate to the fund can make a tax-deductible contribution by making a check out to the Glendale College Foundation and mail to:

Prof. Darren Leaver
c/o Glendale College Foundation
1500 N. Verdugo Road
Glendale, CA 91208

*Please include “Robin Carlson Memorial Endowment” in the memo space and supply your name, email, and mailing address to the Foundation for a follow up receipt for tax purposes.*
For more information please visit:








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