Greetings from Taipei!

I have made the first leg of my trip across the world safely! I am currently sitting 6,776 miles away from California in the Taipei airport-enduring a 13 hour layover with a big smile and a grateful heart! The 12 hour flight was not bad… I slept almost the entire way except for when they brought me food! Luckily China Airlines was able to give me a vegetarian meal last minute- it was yummy but, i had no idea what i was eating! (?) I arrived here approximately 7 hours ago and have walked the whole airport 3 times! At around 11pm all the workers, terminals and shops started closing and i wondered where i should go . Happily I found a nice little couch 🙂  it allowed me some rest for a few hours- but as i suspected- my body is…  out of sorts! I am definitely craving a big cup of coffee at the moment, but have been unable to find the exchange counter so water will do 🙂

I am so thankful to the many people who helped me make this trip a reality.


The blessings that were sent with my departure have helped keep my mind and body strong as i try and get where i know i need to be. My family continues to ground me and pour out love in my direction. I am looking so forward to working with the kids in Bali and Thailand. With the help of my amazing father, I have brought along a packet full of lesson plans that incorporate music into teaching English.

My aim is to be more than just a volunteer that teaches in English. I intend to bring Music and Dance too! I couldn’t be more excited for this journey. The next four months are sure to be everything and anything I could want.  I fully intend to post frequently with the motivation that someone reading something will be inspired to travel or volunteer… Will write soon!

Sending love to the people who continue to support me!

2 thoughts on “Greetings from Taipei!”

  1. Hi Gina,
    So good to hear from you half way around the world from little Karnak, Illinois. I will be sure to let Grandma see your pictures and posts. She will be very happy to know you made it safely on that first flight. Please describe the place that you will be staying, your work there, the food, general things that would be of great interest to Grandma…
    Looking forward to hearing from you again real soon.
    Love and Prayers,
    Your Illinois Family

  2. So amazed by you and everything you do!! Have an amazing journey and can’t wait for your updates.

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