Greetings from Ubud, Bali!

I have made it to Bali! And what an amazingly breathtaking place! I have managed to avoid all jet lag and Bali Belly! I am pretty sure it is all in mental stamina-and this place has filled me with strength. Villa Agung Khalia is absolutely mind blowing. It is surrounded by rice fields, incredible people, and a sense of stillness like nothing I’ve ever felt- I feel grateful beyond measure to be here and excited to take this wonderful land into my being- I have been running the past two mornings at sunrise, and the calm serenity of this place has enveloped me in only 2 days! We went rafting through the most beautiful forest yesterday – and the 3 days it took me to get here seem like a distant memory. I refuse to let exhaustion prevent me from enjoying a single moment of being here. The group is heading to Candidasa now where we will spend 10 days working on curriculum for one of the schools and then returning to Ubud to work with 2 different schools. The children are already friendly and I can’t wait to get to know them. With a smile in my heart I send love to my family and friends. More adventures to speak of soon…

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