Adventures in Lovina Beach, Bali

We made our way to Northern Bali and spent the last three nights in Lovina Beach, better known as PARADISE!

From the moment I landed I’ve been going going going… and enjoying every second of it! We spent a great day in Ubud rafting down a breathtaking river lined with hand carved art, surrounded by gorgeous waterfalls followed by two nights of incredible food! I have fallen in love with a little place called Sari Organic which is about a 15 minute walk through rice fields– it has just about the freshest tasting food I’ve ever had- The Villa in Ubud is blissful and after being gone from it for only a few days I already miss it!

Our three hour drive north included a few wonderful stops: Zip-cording on treetops in the forest and an epic waterfall stop.  Lovina was filled with snorkeling where I had my very first encounter with a jellyfish – Ouch that stung.  I survived…hooray! The underwater world was breathtaking- it was mind blowing- my professor says people come from all over the world to snorkel by this coral wall (which was incredible and filled with the most colorful sea life) I will never forget that day.

The people here are just amazingly kind. I am overwhelmed. Everywhere they are just so friendly and it is truly magical. Yesterday my professor bought our entire group massages on the beach and the whole time I still couldn’t believe I was in Bali. I feel so blessed to have met Darren and Laura. I am also so grateful they know this place so well.

Today we were up at 5:30 to catch a boat and Dolphin watch… they are absolutely stunning creatures. I am not a huge fan of so many boats invading their space though and think that is probably a once in my lifetime thing for me.

I must say… Bali sunrises are some kind of wonderful!

Our time in Lovina was incredibly memorable and we have now traveled 3 hours east to Candidasa, Bali. On our way we stopped at a Water Palace (who knew there was such a thing?) filled with fresh water ponds and greenery for days! I even got to swim in a  beautifully refreshing fresh water spring.

It has only been a week and I am so grateful for every second so far– I am enjoying the first chapter of this trip… traveling coast to coast, seeing the sights and getting to know this island-  grasping and being. I love exploring new places but, to be honest— at this time in my life (and the reason I am traveling) is to volunteer. That’s why I am really excited we are finally in Candidasa!  I will soon get a chance to meet and work with the school children. YIPPPPIE!

I have a strong feeling I will be returning to Bali many many more times throughout my life. Sending love to my family… I miss you every second of every day.

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