Teaching in Bali


Life in Bali just keeps getting better! I have completely fallen in love with the children here- they have such a beautiful spirit about them- and their eyes are alive with a curiosity to learn. I have now worked at four schools in Ubud and one in Candidasa. They were all amazing experiences.

Our work involved running, organizing, and judging an art competition for each school.


The children had such a great time designing, titling, and thinking up their artwork. We had primarily been working on designing a proper curriculum and formulating effective teaching methods for the area. Now that we have begun assisting in lesson plans- I couldn’t be happier. The local Balinese teachers are doing a wonderful job in offering a foundation for learning this complex language.


I can already see how beneficial it is for the kids to interact and listen to native English speakers.


I am gaining new approaches to teaching and seeing the kids respond when i incorporate movement and music to the lessons is thrilling.


When we have accomplished something together and the kids breaks out in laughter or applause… that is really what this is about for me.

Unfortunately many of the classrooms are not up to snuff…



Empty bookshelves, blank walls, and never enough supplies to go around. Today many of the children did not have a pencil to write with and if they did… there were no sharpeners to make them useful. This is disheartening.


Where there are children eager to learn… there should be books and a world eager to offer them the materials they NEED to LEARN!

Please consider donating to The Robin Carlson English Language Program, they need support and there are people here on the ground who can get these kids essential supplies such as: pencils, erasers, sharpeners, rulers, crayons and books-  Any money raised will go DIRECTLY to the children at the 5 schools I have been working with and I will personally be held accountable for getting these materials to them.


I am so grateful for the eyes that read these words. It is my desire to heighten the awareness of the world around us. This is why I travel.  I am inspired to impress upon the world a sense of urgency when it comes to meeting the needs of our children.

If I am able to help one child learn, to love to learn over the next 4 months and motivate one person who reads this post to give back in some way— our world has instantly become a gentler/better place.


One thought on “Teaching in Bali”

  1. My deepest gratitude goes out to Rose Nielsen for kindly donating toward the Language Program I am working with in Bali. Every penny of what you have given will go toward improving the learning conditions of these children. My love and thanks.

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