Culture Shocked


Selamat Jalanto (Goodye) Bali ( for now ), Hello Thailand!


My Indonesian adventure was absolutely beautiful. I fell in love with the sincerity of the Balinese people — there was such an overwhelming spirit of generosity. Most of the people face some pretty difficult challenges but, despite that they are always SMILING!

The Balinese people are the happiest and kindest people I’ve ever met in my life.


What a beautiful thing! It was so rewarding to work at the Robin Carlson English Language Schools. I am deeply inspired by this program and feel there is more of me to give to those gorgeous children- I look forward to returning late November.

Since my last post I have traveled from Bali to Thailand and have been culturally shocked.

I arrived in Bangkok exactly one week ago and from the minute I got off that plane it’s been a total mind trip!


The laid back nature of my stay in Bali was a dramatic contrast to the electrifying -crazy- energy of Bangkok…


As I traveled south (away from the hustle and bustle) the pace changed. Tradition and faith guide the Thai way of life— The language barrier has proven to be a major hurdle but, with time I am confident I will get the hang of it–

Southern Thailand has some major ZEN in the air and I am looking forward to soaking it up.


I am so very grateful to my dear friend Mallory, who was the bridge to getting me here to Thailand.

We have been graciously welcomed by an incredible monk: Phra Ajhan Den, who invited us to stay at his breathtaking temple on the beach.

It has been an honor to share space with him and see his involvement in expanding educational opportunities for others, and promoting a loving view of the world…

For the first month I will be living at Wat Kui Buri, a famous temple or so I’ve heard. There I will teach English to kids ages 4-9 at a nearby school. There is a beautiful room set up in a rescue center and I feel very honored to be able to stay there. This week I have been settling in- trying to adjust- and exploring the area. The people seem very kind and loving. That comforts me. I am constantly offered food and/or adventure, it’s pretty great. Wherever I think I am going at the start of the day seems to change. But, I don’t mind because…


I seem to end up with a belly full of amazing food in some beautiful place- be it beach, meditation cave, or temple. There’s magic here.


There is absolutely no point in planning for the future here because things shift minute to minute. It feels as if the days know where you need to go even before you do and what needs to be accomplished- but instead of taking a direct route- it takes you on a detour to some gorgeous place. I am embracing my surroundings with an open-mind. Above all else I am most excited to start teaching and begin building a relationship with the kiddies in Kui Buri.

I thank the universe and hope to continue sharing this epic journey as it unfolds.


I send loving thoughts out to those who continue to share in this adventure by following me and to mi familia… your support transcends the miles which separate us. You are my trinity of strength. No matter where I am, your love sustains me on this ever expanding journey. Thank you.

Breathe, Believe, Receive.

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