My Unit

I was a loved child,
safe and warm.
Comforted by the guiding hand-
of parents who cared.

A Unit was built.
Upon which I could put full trust-
and faith.
A blanket of compassion
nurtured me yet,
it did not confine or-
distort perception.

A silent compass lead the way
Refusing to solve the riddle for me-
It, instead, offered a world of many paths.
Doors and Options- endless.
No limits, One Objective:
Find the me in life- that suits Me.

as I Grew- my unit evolved.
It clarified my adolescent mind and-
remained constant.
As environment shifted-
it persisted.
It held me like a baby.
Teaching me how,
To Stand-

Proudly I wear these shoes because,
I was given the freedom to choose which pair fit.
To live as I felt living,
To love those I loved,
and a choice To Be- as is.

It has never wavered.
It has not been broken.
Inspiring self progression.
It satisfies my older-self,
and this human craving for connection.
It has fed my dreams with wisdom.

This Love has Taught me How to Love.
It has been my Mother-
my Father
my brother
And my best Friend.

Never questioning existence,
It always existed.
It was a thing to be counted on-
Something to count on.
and A Unit which I continue counting on.

The little girl in me wants to hold onto this Love-
The essence of its being- beauty.
As is. Forever.
but, my evolving-self Knows.
it can not.

As I chase the doubt of fear,
which demands mindfulness,
Losing this Love, as I now know it,
in this capacity- has faded.
This is A Unit that will Thrive.

It will exist in a new dimension –
of Being- It.
can only change forms-
to realize itself in the next world.

It is a Love that transcends Present boundaries-
in this state-of-mind.
Ever changing presence –
too deep for the deepest poet to illustrate-
A thing of magnificence,
too magnificent for the greatest mind to rationalize.

A Unit can only be felt.
And felt it is.
GRATEFUL am I for those I call family-
My Soul Group.

We Shall always be as we are.
One in Love
One in Space.
One in Mind

My unit gave me the world,
I needed,
to find my One-ness in this multi dimensional existence.
Joyful am I to have been loved,
to be loved –
and to forever know what it means to love…

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