Don’t Grow Up, It’s a Trap.




Dear Self,
Life is a playground- beg to find it. We are the instruments, full of sound.
Each day- a song we forget to play. Years bring fear to us, they make us so serious.
Let down your guard, The game begins in your own damn yard…

Eat willingly from the fruit of its tree, accept the challenging mystery.
Rejoice in the subtlety of blessings- that pour themselves onto you-
to us, to all- each. day. and keep asking… WHEN CAN WE GO OUT AND PLAY?!

Remarkable sun, bringing new promise- thrilling adventures waiting to be lived,
seeking fruition- interlocking your joy, with his– (or her)

make music out of living-no need to stop, until you’re amused. Or a Muse-
for your own artistic expression-to be- embodied, grasped and then the best part…

Learn to Master the Art of a Day. Swing or Slide- there’s no right way.
Monkey Bar yourself to bliss, Relish in a Sandbox kiss.
And if the Grown Up comes your way…

Beg yourself to Stay and Play.

Marvel in the grass so greeeeen, wide-eyed with curiosity.
Determine your mind to remember the child, that spends a day in quest of play.
Just decide to avoid getting old and gray.

Grow, Grow, Blossom, and Flow
Find your inner gardener and Sow

let down your hair,
kick off your shoes
the tip-toer never had very much fun-so find a Forest, get naked, and Run!

Do not be afraid of the dirt because even the “clean” can get hurt.

So, before you knot yourself in a suit or painfully tramp in those uncomfortable shoes-
Think again about being Your friend- And Find a way to Remember to Play!

“17” GRB 10/15/11 -Pai, Thailand

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