110 Days in South East Asia

One hundred and ten Mystical days in South East Asia have me basking in still appreciation. I am soaking up the remainder of my Thailand stay in Ban Krud, by the ocean, delighting in the aftermath of new knowledge, new adventures, new insights, and a new me- To put it simply: This place has instigated the birth of an entirely richer person with an incredibly enhanced view of the world, it’s people, and this thing I call Myself. Amid the bliss, I am finding many challenges in merging my past perception of life with my current state of perceiving. My current reality is no longer dictated by the hands of a past (or future) clock- but merely, by the present. And in grasping the magnitude of absorbing life to its fullest, in the very moment it is being lived, I find myself forced to consistently dismantle this thing called: ego. Re-arranging my energy to find every bit of positive in this positively charged world has never been easier- and I feel absolutely blessed to feel the warmth of these last 110 days in my soul. This is my Thank You to Thailand…

“49”. GRB. 11/9/11

How can the words of my mind
express a feeling in my bones?
Where-ever can they turn to find expression-
when they are Felt?

On this day-
All I can simply say is-
Thank You.

fills me up
with anew-

It Wraps me up in the dewy Morning,
Sings me a soft tune mid-Day,
and finds me,
at Night.

The Power to Know-
In its true form-
a Blessing.

it can not be measured,
nor deduced on paper-
the Smile it brings my Soul,
To Be Grateful.

Thank you-

So Simple to say-
so rarely,

Thank You.

Deeply meaningful
tossed around forgetfully-

to simply Be Thankful,
every single day,
is far greater than our ability to give thanks.

As is the impact
Releasing Pure Gratitude
will have
Far after the Thanks has been uttered.

from our bones,
through our hearts-
and out into this world.
Thank You.

And the Greatest Gift of Thailand was always what I had to come to realize in myself…

“48”. GRB. 11/9/11

I do not move With the Wind –
I Am the wind.
and Yet,
I am Not The Wind –
I am Every-Thing.
All things am i.
Free. to Be-
As separate,
or As together,
With this Knowledge –
as I choose to believe –
I Am.
the living-ness of all Alive-ness
is embodied in my One Life.
Just as I find This-self,
i see One-self,
And the Truth in
knowing My-self
leads to a belief
in only One.
One –
One Universal Motive:
In person,
in Logic,
in Spirit.
I Am the “all” of the Whole I Feel-
Whole am I.
For I am Not The Wind-
I Am –

My heart is Happy. Thank you Thailand. Heading back to Indonesia and returning to Bali with new eyes…

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