A Volunteer in Thailand

The following videos were taken at Wat Kui Buri School, in Kui Buri, Thailand. Over the span of 2 months I taught 5 classes of children, ranging from ages 4-14, while living at the temple. This is where I was, this is a part of what I did, these were some of the faces I grew to love, and these were some of our moments together…

A Day in a Thai Classroom:

Animal Activity:

I know an Old Lady:

How am I feeling? in Thailand:

A Day in a Thai Classroom with an American Volunteer:

Teddy Bear in Thailand:

Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes!

On the weekends Mallory and I stayed at the Temple of Phra Ajhan Den in Thapsake, Prachuap Khiri Khan where we offered English Classes to the local Children:

Good Morning in Thailand:

Morning Dance in Thailand:

Do Re Mi in Thailand:

The following video is a simple walk from the School, back to my Room at the Wat, at the end of my teaching day.
A Walk with a Volunteer in Thailand:

On my last day at the school I was overwhelmed, with love, by one of the most heartfelt displays of gratitude I have ever witnessed. As I arrived to school on this day I noticed that the students were not in the classroom as usual but, instead, they were waiting to give me roses. Almost all of over 100 students greeted and thanked me for my time there. It was a morning that brought on tears of gratitude and happiness. I was stunned as each teacher saw me off with blessings, gifts, flowers, food, and love. Because many of my students had never learned how to spell their own names in English I made that a priority. It took a combined effort between me and teachers to figure out pronunciation and spelling but, we did it. For every single one of my students. And so, I made name cards for each of them with their first and last names in English so they could forever, from that point on, find their identity in this new language. I had also spent the previous week making picture collages, of my 2 months at the school, as My thank you to them. My desire was to give my students something tangible to hold onto after my departure. If, after my leaving, they could look at just one of those pictures and reminisce a happy time… then it served its purpose. I know what was exchanged at this school will live in the hearts of both me and my students for…ever. There are no words to describe my gratitude to the children at this school. I couldn’t possibly put it into words. This experience made me a better teacher and a better person. Thank you.

Before I left we did one final lesson, and song, about the meaning of “Friendship”. When asked to draw a picture of their Friends, this little girl drew a picture of me. Her name is Jitkanya.

And one last Hokey Pokey for the Road!

If someone asked me why I am compelled to do what I am doing right now I would simply show them this picture:

or maybe this one:

But, really…this little girl has a smile that says more than any of my words ever could:

So Why do I blog? I blog for me, I blog for you, I blog for them. I blog for us all. Because, every single thing we do in life is an exchange of energy. By documenting this journey I can only hope to expand the scope of this experience, and my own energy, to incorporate as many people, as are open to receiving through understanding. As much as my time in South East Asia has been a personal journey, it is a collective experience. What I am able to give, I will give. And what I am able to share from that giving, I will share. This is my goal. I am grateful for the eyes that have read this.

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