The Meditator.

I randomly stumbled upon a very worthy read in an old book store in Pai, Northern Thailand. I love when this happens. When a book finds you. It’s an absolutely beautiful experience.


This one has hit home, in a lot of ways. The book is called Divine Journey Returning to the Source by Anil Sharma. I’ll share an excerpt from pg 207-208:

“This is the ultimate state of being. Yet there is nothing to see or hear, taste or touch or smell in this entirely suprasensual experience. The goal has proven to be not mere speculation but has become a verifiable yet indescribable experience. Here is wisdom which cannot be translated into human experience. In this state of beautiful quiescence there is no emotional rapture; no egoistic excitement that may intrude upon that holy shrine. No shadow of any external thing may fall across its illumined threshold. No train of reasoning belongs in that sublime stillness. For the meditator then becomes what he sees. He alone is. But here he is different to what he was in the world outside. He has returned to the primal unity of being, to the sublime void. Here, as thinking ceases and the will is subdued, as imagination ceases and the personality becomes utterly passive, the senses lie quiet like a sleeping bird and the third eye opens. He sees not only that which he is, but also that which always was, the immaterial which so many choose to ignore. It is not a state of nonexistence. It is indeed a living actuality, but in a form which cannot be comprehended with the finite intellect. Each person has to experience it for himself. It is not to be grasped by a succession of thoughts nor by a clairvoyant vision. Thus mind is to be worshiped silently, thought of negatively and realized in the void. All other worship does not touch the Real Self. Now we have reached the limit of what can be explained about the ultimate reality. The truth silent and scriptureless. Silence is the finest method of mystical worship where the Real Self abides. This is where the littleness of self can be put aside for a moment we can enter into that Infinite Element within and appreciate the wonder and mystery that surrounds the daily movements of mortal men. We can then neither sing its praises aloud with those who believe, nor argue about its existence with those who disbelieve. We must remain as the experience finds us, with dumb lips and reverent heart, with quieted body and subdued emotion, silent indeed. The student rests at last in the ever-peaceful Self.” –Anil Sharma

Go to a bookstore, something great is waiting for you.

3 thoughts on “The Meditator.”

  1. I do yoga each day, Kundalini, and this is the state I enter. It has been described so beautifully here, and so clearly, though it is such an ethereal feeling and hardly easy to describe. I feel connected to you, somehow. Well this too is ethereal. Sending love…

    1. I completely agree- the description really resonated with me. I am looking very forward to meeting you, if this is possible, this summer while you are around Los Angeles. Leslie has said remarkable things about you and there is so much room in my heart for new connections and the building of healthy relationships. Yay to new sisters! ❤

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