“A Spontaneous (and Intoxicating) Proposal”

One fine Friday evening,
amidst the haze-
of booze and smoke,
i stumbled upon
two lovers, in love,
or so it seemed-
on the street,
as he got on one knee-

to my surprise a ring did sprout,
and “oo’s and ah’s” floundered about-
“Dang”, i thought, “In front of Big Wangs?”
A memorable memory –
exchanged on the street-
when two lovers, in love,
or so it seemed,
slurred about-
a diamond between,


and a crowd, of jaw-dropped strangers
Engaged in an Engagement-
How lucky are we!
those that got to see-
such haphazard, on the street-
that so delights -me
and my apple, that made it be,
a chance to capture this moment,
for the couple to be…

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