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Rouged Lips, Full Heart, New Year.

An Homage to a Year: 

What has been, What will be and What is…


Last year I made an 8 hour trek to the top of a Volcano in Guatemala to ring in the new 2014 year.  With 13,045 feet of elevation, I shed one whole year and welcomed a new one.1536486_10201820468927532_288443175_n

It was magnificent and also, it was justifiably one of the scariest things I’ve ever done. I definitely wasn’t ‘prepared’, I needed support as the altitude level strained my system, I felt like quitting, I realized quitting wasn’t an option, I kept on going, I felt like quitting again, I was reminded that there was no turning back so, i just kept going… and going…and going… until there was no more going to be done.


All that was left was reflection… huddled around this very campfire, on the edge of the monstrous Acatenango, a stranger shared that in her country they believed the way you ring in the New Year indicates how your year will unfold.


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