The Sprightly Spirited Sprite


I AM not waiting here,
to live, though you may think-
so, I AM-living, here.
Open, and Opening
and remembering to Open-
My-Self, to be as Open
as a Wing, in flight or like–
“More is Up”…
to the place of meaningful.
Work, and working-
Playing, but not waiting-
certainly not.
I AM not aSTRAY-
I do not scrounge the alley
for scrapes of sparse goodness
I AM the grazer,
humbly grazing the pasture
of this abundant life-
living freely
to be of service,
in this field,
on this pasture,
This Spot.
I do not wait here.
To die-
for lessons have learned me better
I hope,
if this be the spot for my grazing heart,
then so be it-
“sprightly” they tell me, is my way-
so be it-
In a sprightly manner, I wander-
I do not wait,
when there is NOWhere to go but, Here.
So, I simply open my-Self
in remembering to open- Up
And as I continue opening-
I face the fact,
that the only fact-
is Fear-
of breathing into the free-fall,
and becoming, One,
with the adventure, of this Unknown-
So, I remain Open,
remembering to open
and opening-
to what I AM
“doing” here,
at this precise time–
my function simple entails-
be-ing here.
And, devoting my mind to-
focus, Not Wandering…
as I wonder…
where to step my next step
breath my next breath
But, all the while-
never ‘waiting’
simply to die or, better yet, LIVE-
For, That is not the way-
of this galloping girl horse,
I stride,
in time-
with the rhythm of NOW
and embark on my journey
saddled and sturdy,
gallantly alive…
and not waiting.
Just, Open
Remembering to Open-
and Opening…
Many Blessings I gain,
Many Blessings I give-
Grazing with such thanks,
I offer-
my BE-ing
in this Space
Of emptiness-
And no-man’s-land.
I AM not tHERE,
and I AM Open,
Open to the High-
est Form of me,
to give,
to you,
to serve,
and prosper,
you and I,
will Be-
Still, in this,
for as long as this stillness leads-
and wherever the empti-ness of the still…
may BE,
that is where-
Healing and Revealing
Every-Thing is No-Thing until… nothing is everything.


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