The Habit of Being

So many worlds, so much to do
So little done, such things to be. – Alfred, Lord Tennyson


Let us set intentions to prioritize the important habit of being present in our every day life. Let us be more fully awakened as we live, and do, as we share and as we learn to be— here.

the habit of being

“The habit of being- the exultation in the present moment- is an exquisite concept, one that could enrich our lives beyond measure. We’re all habitual creatures, but usually we practice the habits of doing: getting up, making breakfast, getting children off to school and getting ourselves to work. Then there are our habits of brooding: projecting into the future, dwelling on the past, nursing old wounds, holding imaginary conversations, indulging in comparisons, conducting endless mental calculations about money, gnawing on regrets, second-guessing inspiration, ruminating on problems at work, anticipating the worst. The habits of brooding are rooted in the past or the future, and they can rob the present moment of all harmony, beauty, and joy. But what if, as curators of our own contentment, we deliberately cultivated the habit of being: a heightened awareness of Real Life’s abundance? I believe this passion for discovering meaning extends to the art of the everyday as well. Once you commit to cultivating the habit of being, nothing in your daily round will lack meaning because you’ll discover that the meaning is within you.” -Sarah Ban Breathnach


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