My beloved,
What a sight you are to behold,
in my mind,
you always dance.
The essence, of truth
an unconditional trance–
And, it is splendid!
Joy, Joy, Joy and Hark the Angels-
of day break and night sky,
that brought your love my way-
for it is – to light the world,
spark by spark
heart to heart.
And that which I can no longer, for-ever, not know.
this extraordinary experience,
of being praised.
Lifting and raising,
only to Be-
lifted and raised- in return.
that which adores-
And, loving–
the love, you pour my way.
Until the beginning and until the end-
which, of course, we know don’t exist-
But, I shall love you until then –
and on…
as far as my doe eyes can reach,
and my reverent heartbeat-
as only children can do,
and bask in the supreme goodness of You.
For if choosing you, was mine to do-
I’d do it 100 lifetimes anew…

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