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Unapologetically Idealistic

Charlies 2nd Birthday-1140

In Recent News:

I have been called an “Idealist” on more than one occasion this week (primarily on the topic of human rights). Now, this is no surprise to me. In fact, I pride myself on this trait. Because, I share a similar view as someone close recently expressed: “Honestly, only in the end (now) when all life on earth is threatened may some practical people start to question how practical they really are…Or maybe they wont.”

Do i feel it healthy to get fired up about human rights? Hell yes I do. Why? Because, tolerating intolerance is just not an option for me. I can’t get behind that. I won’t get behind that. And, I will spend my time here challenging self-righteousness with humility and supposed practicality with compassion. Because, those are things that I support.

These “ideals”, of mine, that you condemn…  they are the very root of all that I am. So, yes… i take to heart when you dismiss the essence of their integrity with a “practical” belief system that holds little to no person “worthy” of your scrutiny, provides much to be desired in the way of bettering humanity and justifies the rampant narrow-minded world view that has caused so much global destruction…

Matters of the Heart:

Some of the most heartfelt humans i know are idealists. They are visionary inspirations and they are the warmth of the human race. They are playful dreamers who haven’t lost a zest for life, so frequently lost in so many “adults”. They are teachers and students, mentors and leaders and they continue to find new ways of expressing HOPE.

 By all means… Be Practical…

So long as it is not at the expense of others….

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