Unapologetically Idealistic

Charlies 2nd Birthday-1140

In Recent News:

I have been called an “Idealist” on more than one occasion this week (primarily on the topic of human rights). Now, this is no surprise to me. In fact, I pride myself on this trait. Because, I share a similar view as someone close recently expressed: “Honestly, only in the end (now) when all life on earth is threatened may some practical people start to question how practical they really are…Or maybe they wont.”

Do i feel it healthy to get fired up about human rights? Hell yes I do. Why? Because, tolerating intolerance is just not an option for me. I can’t get behind that. I won’t get behind that. And, I will spend my time here challenging self-righteousness with humility and supposed practicality with compassion. Because, those are things that I support.

These “ideals”, of mine, that you condemn…  they are the very root of all that I am. So, yes… i take to heart when you dismiss the essence of their integrity with a “practical” belief system that holds little to no person “worthy” of your scrutiny, provides much to be desired in the way of bettering humanity and justifies the rampant narrow-minded world view that has caused so much global destruction…

Matters of the Heart:

Some of the most heartfelt humans i know are idealists. They are visionary inspirations and they are the warmth of the human race. They are playful dreamers who haven’t lost a zest for life, so frequently lost in so many “adults”. They are teachers and students, mentors and leaders and they continue to find new ways of expressing HOPE.

 By all means… Be Practical…

So long as it is not at the expense of others….

My qualms are not with the practical minded man. There is a place for everything, and everything in its proper place. But, for those of you who preach and reference “practicality” as merely a masquerade to injustice… shame on you. For those of you who can’t imagine what a nightmare it would be to be ideological I ask…How is “practicality” working for you, in your personal life? Is the view better from up there, in your ivory tower ? And more importantly… are you feeling fulfilled by the gracious work you are doing to better humanity… on your way to the supposed “top”? How soundly do you rest your head at night knowing you live by, and support,  an exclusive code of ethics?

And, more on that…

If hope is your hell than you can imagine the dismay, us idealists feel, in living amidst a species that predominately values a twisted moral agenda…governed by the dollar. Living in houses that reek of neglect, parading animals that other people care for,  having babies that other humans raise, acquiring more of the external “stuff” to mask internal emptiness, pointing blame on your alone-ness (anywhere but yourself) and doing so with no consciousness of how you, yourself, are responsible for the deep seeded unhappiness you feel. And, alongside an illusory system of demeaning principles that you apply unto others…. You are a whore to the dollar, however you justify it. You have given your life over to money, to corruption and to the illusion that these “things” you “Work your ass off for” are someday going to magically be “worth it”.

And, the above mentioned things…. they aren’t even the most damaging part of it all… it’s these ideas you travel outside your home with that cause the most harm to others. Because, you spew conformity as if it was your own… you perpetuate an energy of intolerance, judgment and uphold this holier-than- thou persona with no shame. Attempting to glamorize your inherent beliefs by donating to a charity once a year, to cleanse your palette, doesn’t make you a thoughtful human being… if the other 364 days of the year you are suggesting that all humans don’t deserve the same freedom- to eat, to health, to marry, to be happy and to thrive…

Do the world, and yourself, a favor … take a day off of work from the job you despise, sit down with yourself and ask “What is it that I really stand for?” And, if your life, your actions and your words don’t reflect that… do something about it! Because, the way i see it… if you don’t use it, you lose it. And, if your perspective is reigned solely by the analytical workings of the mind… your heart, at some point, will feel the burden of being… under-nourished.


 I welcome opposing thought processes and I can appreciate a good debate just as much as the next guy. Difference of opinion is a valuable tool… if it is heard rightfully. And, I hear you… I just don’t support your theory … lol. I believe their is always opportunity to be open hearted, minded AND realistic. The core of our beliefs really comes down to our Perspective- something that is always shifting, if we are growing. How can our perspective remain stagnant unless we ourselves are in a state of complacency? And, in that case… major reflection is in order. When we transition through experience, if we open ourselves up to learn, we simultaneously shift our perspective. For some, the view gets narrower and for others, it expands… and expands and will continue to do so… for, forever. I believe, with certainty, that balance of mind and heart is necessary. But, by the current state of the human race… I would say we need more heart and less mind!


On a (some-what) Relevant Note:

Every so often I hear a song that touches me so deeply that it can literally be felt in my bones. The message moves me in a way that transcends the standard listening experience. And, when that occurs I feel compelled to build a relationship with the lyrics and illustrate, visually, the message I have received from the melody. And, Share….

“Wise Man”

By Frank Ocean

“Wiseman closed his mouth
Madman closed his fist
Young man shows his age
Judge man named it sin

Bad man don’t exist no
No evil man exists
Good man don’t exist no
No righteous man exists

Sad man cannot cry in place where man can see
Never witnessed father weep
This old man thought it weak
But strong man don’t exist

No undying man exists
Weak man don’t exist no
Just flesh and blood exists

But your mother would be proud of you
I bet your mother would be proud of you

The beast will crawl this earth
Then fall in the dirt to feed the crows
They’ll rip apart his flesh
Til all that’s left is glorious bone

So you’ll bury your own
Too vain
You saw it unfold
What you know
And you claimed all you could hold
Until death did you part from the mess you made

I bet your mother would be proud of you
I bet your mother would be proud of you

Primate sharpens tool
To survive and thrive in the jungle
Maybe hearts were made to pump blood
Maybe lungs were made for flood

I won’t blunt my blade for cut these chains
Rather let my limbs be drug through mud
You’re my brother but your eyes are cold
You’re my sister but your womb is bare

I bet our mother would be proud of you
I bet our mother would be proud of you

Bad man don’t exist
No evil man exists
I know good man don’t exist
No righteous man exists

Strong man don’t exist
No undying man exists
Weak man don’t exist
No just flesh and blood exists”

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