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Honoring Divinity- A poem I titled “19”

A Poem I titled “19” written on 10/17/11 in Northern Thailand


Today, I am Gorgeous –
And the world knows it.

I need not cake my face or adorn my neck,
Undies that cover both the right and the left
cheek- mismatched.
but, girlishly Perfect.

Hair that smells of yesterdays bliss.
wHOLeY art thou,
that finds beauty,

Nature calls the Natural out of me-
Coaxing all: to Live and let Live.
Hair, it’s there.
Imperfect am I –
and I accept,
To Be, This way.

Surrender not to false assumption,
Beauty isn’t a man-made concoction.
I need not mask my Female Scent
behind a world that makes no sense.
I adore me, for me-
Happy is the face I see.

The mirror cannot make me proud,
nor show the Light that speaks so loud-
about the Woman, I choose to be,
Deep down dirty Loving me, For Me.

I do not judge your philosophy, just know it was not made for me.
Beautiful am I who seeks this truth,

inside these UN-mascaraed eyes. I need no rouge to pucker these lips,
or store bought shit to sway these hips-

What is all the fuss about?
Money: can’t, hasn’t, and never will…  Buy perfect.

But, if by chance it did, I think I’d simply rather BE  —
A slightly <less-than> perfect version of- Me.

Blemished, at times.
but, Full- of Life.

I’d proudly rather wear the lines of living, than hide inside a made up lie.
So, I ask not to be approved by those of you who think it rude–
For a woman to squat in natures place, or find her own flirtatious space.

It need not be a sexist thing, nor a Lament of Anatomy.
Beauty is, both,
Woman and Man.

So, if underwire helps you find the beautiful person living inside- Strap it on!
If heels heighten your view, of you, and shows the pure Sexy in YOU- Put em’ on!

Hair or Bare- the world won’t care, Happiness isn’t something you wear.

If it makes you feel good- Own It.
If it heals you to Whole- Be It.

To each woman her very own- self- made- Gorgeous.
No need to Forge it.

GRB “19” 10/17/11