Honoring Divinity- A poem I titled “19”

A Poem I titled “19” written on 10/17/11 in Northern Thailand


Today, I am Gorgeous –
And the world knows it.

I need not cake my face or adorn my neck,
Undies that cover both the right and the left
cheek- mismatched.
but, girlishly Perfect.

Hair that smells of yesterdays bliss.
wHOLeY art thou,
that finds beauty,

Nature calls the Natural out of me-
Coaxing all: to Live and let Live.
Hair, it’s there.
Imperfect am I –
and I accept,
To Be, This way.

Surrender not to false assumption,
Beauty isn’t a man-made concoction.
I need not mask my Female Scent
behind a world that makes no sense.
I adore me, for me-
Happy is the face I see.

The mirror cannot make me proud,
nor show the Light that speaks so loud-
about the Woman, I choose to be,
Deep down dirty Loving me, For Me.

I do not judge your philosophy, just know it was not made for me.
Beautiful am I who seeks this truth,

inside these UN-mascaraed eyes. I need no rouge to pucker these lips,
or store bought shit to sway these hips-

What is all the fuss about?
Money: can’t, hasn’t, and never will…  Buy perfect.

But, if by chance it did, I think I’d simply rather BE  —
A slightly <less-than> perfect version of- Me.

Blemished, at times.
but, Full- of Life.

I’d proudly rather wear the lines of living, than hide inside a made up lie.
So, I ask not to be approved by those of you who think it rude–
For a woman to squat in natures place, or find her own flirtatious space.

It need not be a sexist thing, nor a Lament of Anatomy.
Beauty is, both,
Woman and Man.

So, if underwire helps you find the beautiful person living inside- Strap it on!
If heels heighten your view, of you, and shows the pure Sexy in YOU- Put em’ on!

Hair or Bare- the world won’t care, Happiness isn’t something you wear.

If it makes you feel good- Own It.
If it heals you to Whole- Be It.

To each woman her very own- self- made- Gorgeous.
No need to Forge it.

GRB “19” 10/17/11


3 thoughts on “Honoring Divinity- A poem I titled “19””

  1. This is so great! and beautiful. and inspiring. Thank you for sharing. You are an artist with your words. You bring me back down to earth and remind me what truly is important in life… it’s seems easy to get side-tracked sometimes. Love you G! xo

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