Dear Self, “I Can Do Anything Good”

Inspiration is a seedling of infinite potential. It does nothing on its own. It needs US! So, let’s get dirty, grab a watering can, plant that shit…and get busy with the important work of GROWING!


Let us harness, visualize, vocalize, act, and share our inspiration whenever and however we can! Whether we affirm through thought or sing it to ourselves in the mirror or find completely unique ways to express it– there is power in sharing it with the world! Nourish the roots of your creative potential and the ability to recognize your own very real power in becoming a Self-Loving You! Recognize how very important YOU are and how very important YOU being here is and then echo that very real power into the world… for the greater good.

“I can do anything good yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah…” -4 year old Jessica


The Motivation to be happy can come in all forms. So, here is your Daily Affirmation by Jessica, a 4 year old who really gets it…



Establishing the importance of self love and balancing it with learning how to love others is vital to discovering inner joy.  When you find it, share it. Love and Joy are infectious.  Let us strive to pass them on any chance we get…


Spread the joy, Spread the Love and Inspire Empowerment<3

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